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Taking Hits Like a Linebacker

Recently my manager sent me feedback from a music supervisor to educate me on the process of how the music gets assessed when being considered for music placement in a film or television project. I know next to nothing about this mysterious world. It was an eye-opening experience.

I had no idea that in some cases a small selection of artists are shortlisted for music/song placement for bigger films, and audience feedback/reactions are analyzed. Did you know that famous bands and solo artists have to try out for the James Bond films? I had no idea. Look up James Bond Rejected Songs:

The music supervisor, Ken gave my manager the below feedback.

You have to have rhino skin and learn to shake off the criticism as it’s all part of the process.

“The audience reaction to this song was mixed (high and low). My audience ranked this song higher than the ten other songs analyzed for song placement for this film. Most of my audience rated Cat’s song a 7.9/10 and did want to hear her song again after listening to it once.

When listening to your song, my audience used these words: stand out vocals, melodious, good lyrics, ethereal vocals, superior voice, spellbinding.

My audience feedback was generally happy concerning Cat’s song. Based on the audience feedback, this song probably needs just a little more work before it is ready for film placement, perhaps only a bit of added instrumentation to fill it out more to support the superior vocals and songwriting. “

Audience Comment

Score: 10

This song was very smooth and soothing to the ears when listening to it. Overall the lyrics were excellent, the vocals were incredible, and it was just so lovely to hear. If I am given the opportunity to listen to it again, I would! I love it in the film and want to buy her album if she has one.

Audience Comment

Score: 10

I like the light, airy voice of the female vocalist. This is a beautiful mellow song. I found it worked well placed in this film.

Audience Comment

Score: 6

I liked the production quality of the song. The instrumental track was excellent and interesting. It sounded clear and crisp. However, I really didn’t like the vocalist. She sounded too airy and breathy and weak like she needed more energy or something.

Audience Comment

Score: 4

The vocals.... Ugh! I can’t tell if this is a woman or a man trying to sound like a woman because that voice does not sound right!! I like the music and instrumental, and the lyrics are amazing and intriguing. But the vocals are ugh.

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