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Doing the Work

By Cat LeBlanc

Someone asked me recently in an interview how I do everything I do with my full-time job, my music and video projects, and my volunteer work at the Jane LeBlanc Legacy Fund. Was there a secret to my success? I replied, "I get up and work on it daily."

What drives me more now than when I was younger? I've reflected on that more in recent years. My sister Janey is my inspiration. Even though she died in 2010, she left me a rich legacy with her journals and actions throughout her short life. Janey was always a person of adventure as a child and young person. Looking back at her life, I remember her being constantly in motion or about to move, whereas I was more an observer of life as her younger, adoring sister.

Recently, I've met someone in the creative community who reminds me so much of my sister. His name is Drew Gilbert. He does the work and is always in motion; I feel her spirit around him; it's incredible.

As a younger person, I was afraid to act. I don't know why. I would help others achieve their goals, but I was scared to take that leap for whatever reason. I feel that I have broken free of that fear now that I am older, but it took most of my life just to let go of it, to stop worrying, to do it, to do the work on myself, for myself. The great thing I have learned at my age now is that you can still help others and achieve your own goals, whatever they may be; there is room for it all. There is also room to help people you have known all your life and room to help new people, but you have to make time for yourself.

Showing up is essential. I used to make a lot of excuses for not doing things for myself and not showing up for myself. I don't make those excuses anymore. I don't feel sorry for myself or think I deserve special recognition for what I do. I do the work and let the universe unfold.

I have no regrets, and I am glad I finally read the memo about life that Janey gave me every day of her life, "live your life as if tomorrow may not come because it may not."

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1 Comment

Lana Lamb-Vallis
Lana Lamb-Vallis
Dec 06, 2023

Inspiring and happy to see you doing the things that bring you joy ! Live, Love and Laugh

All the Best ! You have given a lot to others, always take time for yourself. LLLV🤠

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