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CBC Interview

Cat had a wonderful conversation with journalist Tori Weldon about her two favourite topics, her sis Jane LeBlanc (Janey) and the organization in her memory, the Jane LeBlanc Legacy Fund. They talked about her music a bit too. 

Click Here for Interview

Cat Receives a Canada Council Grant for Her Latest Music Project

Cat received a Canada Council for the Arts music grant in early March, 2024. She is working on a music project entitled the JL Recordings to do with her interactive art installation on her sister entitled "Presence." Thank you to the CC jury for their support.

Cat Receives an artsnb Grant for Her Latest Music Project
Cat received an artsnb music grant in December, 2023. She is working on a music project entitled the JL Recordings to do with her interactive art installation on her sister entitled "Presence." Thank you to the jury and artsnb for their support.

Cat Receives an artsnb Grant for Her Latest Music Project

Cat received an artsnb music grant in early July, 2022. She is working on a new body of music. Thank you to the jury and artsnb for their support.


Cat Receives an artsnb Infrastructure Grant

Cat received an artsnb infrastructure grant in October, 2021.


The grant will allow her to upgrade her music studio with more equipment and instruments.

She will now be able to do further outreach with the upgrade though her late sister's Legacy Fund (Jane LeBlanc Legacy Fund). She will also have the needed studio upgrades to continue creating her personal artistic music projects and commercial music work for clients.


Cat's Music Mentor Dan Hill Inducted into Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame

Photo of Dan Hill - THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO - Jen Squires


2021: Cat's amazing music mentor Dan Hill was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame this year.

He also has a new album out.


Dan has agreed to be a sponsor/mentor of the Jane LeBlanc Music Award which is awarded annually to two music artists in New Brunswick.


Artsnb Grant Will Bring Music Project to Life

2020: Cat received word today that she has received funding from artsnb for another music project she is working on exploring the themes of memory and absence. Thank you to the jury and artsnb for their support.


Conversations Drops On December 18, 2020

Cat LeBlanc's Conversations drops on December 18, 2020 on all online music platforms. The album is very personal and articulates in music what Cat has a difficult time expressing in conversation.

Click Here


Cat Receives CC Grant

2020: Cat recently received a substantial grant from The Canada Council for the Arts for a big music project she will undertake in 2021. Thank you to the Canada Council for the Arts for their ongoing support.


Blue to Blue Is On All Online Music Platforms

2020: Cat's Blue to Blue album is now available on Spotify and all online music platforms.



Blue to Blue Album Interview

2020 Check out my most recent interview with Canadian songwriter Cat Leblanc. You can also see recent interviews with Stephen Fearing, Mike Evin, and Jenn Grant. Makeda Marcia Taylor


Cat LeBlanc's Blue to Blue is Poetry in Motion

2020: From the opening title track, Cat LeBlanc’s debut album release ‘Blue To Blue’ is poetry in motion. The effortless, breathy words of her songs flow like wind whispering through Summer leaves. Within the entirety of these five new recordings, there are underlying themes of growth, longing, change and hope. Never allowing itself to wander from the cool end of the colour spectrum, this album certainly lives up to it’s name. ‘Blue To Blue’s passionate writings are dreamy and dramatic. Brilliantly, LeBlanc’s band The Samsonites supports the songs in a fashion that doesn’t sabotage the overall lucid mood of her lyrics. With “River Winding Through Your Hands” being the album’s only track to brighten in tempo, it is cleverly played, the whole production resembling a stream gaily racing through ancient polished stones. “Side of the Road”, “Music Man” & the closing track “Your Dark Gaze” give us a sense that Cat has discovered great empowerment throughout the years of her musical journey, leaving the listener to question just where she could be headed to next. This album is a fine collection of art, delicately crafted in every shade of blue. Inevitably, the sky’s the limit for Cat LeBlanc.

- Wynn Curtis, for Gig & Groove Magazine


Blue to Blue Album Release Party

2020: Cat recently celebrated her debut music album Blue to Blue at her Release Party on February 23, 2020. Joining Cat were her Samsonites Bryan Mcdaniel, Colin Fowlie, Jeff Patch, Joshua Sangster and Olivier LeBlanc.

Cat's original songs and soaring vocals are ethereal and poetic. Her lyrics are haunting with a sometimes driving beat to their flow. With her debut album, Blue to Blue, Cat LeBlanc has created a song cycle of friendship, aliens, ageism, magic, darkness, and love.

The event featured an opening set of music from standout Fredericton singer-songwriter Blaire Webber.

WHEN: February 23, Sunday, 2pm - 4pm
WHERE: Grimross Brewing Co.
Price: $15 at the door (includes a copy of Cat's CD Blue to Blue)

The launch was to kick off a tour schedule for Cat as a solo artist. She was scheduled to perform in select cities in Italy beginning in April 2020. This is on hold now due to the pandemic.

This album was made possible thanks to a grant from Music·Musique NB (MNB), Province of NB, and generous patrons.


Songwriter hired to work on Australian Singer's Album

2019: Cat just signed a contract to work as a songwriter for a music artist based in Queensland, Australia, who is currently working on her album to be released next year. For this job Cat will be writing lyrics and vocal melodies to fit the music artist's inspiration-think Finneas.


Original Music Placed in Films

2019: Cat's original songs Blue to Blue, Your Dark Gaze and River Winding Through Your Hands were recently spotlighted in two films that were showcased at the annual Silver Wave Film Festival. One of the films, After The War, won for Best NB Short, while the second film, Together We Move was nominated for Excellence in Scriptwriting.


Summer Performances for Cat & The Samsonites

2019: Cat and her band enjoyed recent performances: Fredericton Summer Concerts in the Park, River Jam, Beer on a Bridge, and the Miramichi Folksong Festival


Cat Gives Artist Talk

2019: Cat gave an artist talk about her music journey through life recently. All the artists who spoke were fab. Thank you to everybody who came out. Thank you to ArtsLink NB for organizing this artist pop up session.


Cat Music Artist accepted into Music Residency in Italy

2019: Cat has been accepted into a a music residency in Sicily, Italy for one week in late April. Her newest music project 

will explore electronic music.


She looks forward to meeting other musicians in the residency and knows she will 

be inspired by her mentors, and her beautiful surroundings.


Song Licensed for use in Sailing Web Series

2018: Cat's original song River Winding Through Your Hands was licensed for use in the popular web series Sailing La Vagabonde. The series follows Riley & Elayna, an Australian couple documenting their journey traveling the world by sail despite no previous sailing experience. Since late 2014 they have been filming their adventures on YouTube full-time as they've crossed the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean, and Pacific Ocean.

Now That You're Gone_artsnb_Page_1_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Music Project Now That You're Gone Receives funding from artsnb

2018: Bequeathed to Cat when she died almost a decade ago, her sister’s journals have inspired her to create new songs and invite her to reconsider her songwriting process, as well. Now That You’re Gone will draw on Cat's sister Jane’s writings to explore themes of experience, memory, and reflection--all states and actions that are conceptually enmeshed with a common understanding of linear time, but seem to function simultaneously or in parallel. Jane remains so present to Cat in her journals.


Cat Receives Scholarship to go to the Banff Centre

2018: Cat recently received word that she has been accepted into the Banff Centre to do a residency (Musician in Residence) early in January 2018. She received a scholarship from patrons of the Centre to attend.


Special thanks to the Yolande Freeze Artists in Music Fund. Cat will spend three weeks in Banff (Jan 8-26) working on a new body of music. She will have a full recording studio, and will perform and meet with fellow musicians and mentors while there.


Cat to Perform at Fredericton Arts Alliance Gala

2017: Cat will be performing new songs that Canadian Iconic music artist Dan Hill has worked with her on to polish them to a fine shine at the upcoming Fredericton Arts Alliance Gala Fundraiser on Thurs, Oct 12, 7pm. Tickets are $40 and can be purchased at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre, Westminster Books. Also performing: the always superb Dianne Roxborough Brown & the always stellar Don Bosse Quartet with the amazing Mary Milliken. There will be wonderful art up for auction by talented artists in the Fredericton community.

Dan Hill.jpg

Connecting Creatively with Iconic Music Man Dan Hill

2017: Cat can finally share her amazing news more widely. Award-wining music artist Dan Hill has accepted to mentor Cat in her music craft ongoing. Dan has such insight into songwriting and a true gift for lyrics that stay with you. Under his tutelage; Cat can only grow stronger in her songwriting. Check out Dan Hill by googling him and checking out his music on Youtube.


Cat Receives Grant from Province of NB and Music NB to Produce Music Album

2017: Cat recently received a grant to produce her first music album Blue to Blue


Cat Receives Career Development Grant from artsnb

2016: Cat has received a professional development grant from artsnb to assist her in her music development studies in songwriting and composing. She will mentor with well known artist Debbie Adshade on a new music project.

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