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Songs Need a Place to Call 'Home'

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

I was excited when one of my songs was licensed for use in recent years and, I heard it for the first time in a sailing web series; that was cool and surreal.

Today and tonight, I listened to two more of my original songs playing in two different film projects (one local and one from away); it was a fantastic feeling. I was thrilled that the people incorporating my songs into their projects were happy.

On top of that, two more of my original songs will be licensed and placed in another film project.

I love to create, but I don't want to do it in a vacuum. I create moody pieces that should each have a home.

The body of music and lyrics that I create on my own and through my collaborations with other artists are for my creative projects that are more geared towards installations, performance art shows, and experimental videos.

A few years back, someone told me that when they listened to my songs, to their ears, they were film scores or songs for a film credit roll or thematic scores for different scenes in a film; that changed how I viewed my music and songs.

I have written music for commercial projects and succeeded to a certain degree but, the music and words sometimes ring false to me on some level. It can be uncomfortable work.

I enjoy doing things that are real for me. My personal stories or stories about the people I know and care about or those people who have floated in and out of my life throughout time are my musical poems.

In April, I started work on some new music while I was in Sicily doing my artist residency. One of the poems I wrote, which is now a song, speaks to me. It's called SHINE.

You tried to tell me everything

You spoke a language I could not understand

I've finally arrived at a strange place

And your message now has a clarity

As I reach out to you and you take my hand

Let it shine, let it shine

It's divine, these moments

So tender and new

Let it flow through you

Let it break free inside of you

You walked on water

As I stood far away on dry land

You flew to the sun

You called out to me to join you

And I now finally understand

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