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New Music Work Contract

I am thrilled! I have been hired (signed the contract recently) to do some music scoring and songwriting for another project. Stripped down instruments with strong vocals in front are what they want. I am very excited and all monies will go into the Jane LeBlanc Legacy Fund!

This is the song that sealed the deal. They liked the songwriting and imagery. Could not have done any of it without Baby Boy Bryan, Colin, Ollie, and Josh. All amazing music artists who gave so much to me. Click Below.

As artists, it isn't easy sometimes to know how to get ourselves out there and, when we are out there, to figure out where we are going and if it is in the right direction.

I have had music projects that seemed promising and ended badly. On the other hand, I have had music projects that were spectacular and rewarding. It's so easy to connect with clients and others who would take an interest in my music in today's world. Unfortunately, it's also easy to connect with the wrong people; hello, that has happened too.

When I was younger working in music, there was no such thing as Spotify, Soundcloud, and all the cool tools, programs, and tips that helped you get a leg up. I love it!

It's up to me to learn and use what is out there; nobody will discover me; although that has happened a few times purely by accident, it never lasted, sadly. So I have to work hard on my music and just as hard on marketing my music every day.

I have so many tips and tricks now that I utilize every day. One thing that has been an enormous hook and has garnered me paid work is after creating a new score, I place it in a thematic video I've made. People love that, and it resonates more with them. Clients have hired me based on them watching my videos to hear my original music scores.

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