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Taking that leap

My biggest surprise when I arrived for my Italian music residency was that we were going to be performing right away! We all did a live concert and, there was a considerable crowd at the show. This was so unexpected for me. I had visions of settling into a beautiful place by the ocean and, getting down to composing and working on some new songs.

I was terrified, but everybody was doing it, so, I did it. What a rush it was for me. I think it was easier to perform in a strange country because I didn't know anyone and, if I screwed up, it didn't matter.

The guy working the smoke matching went a little crazy with it and soon after we each started our performances on stage; we were engulfed in waves of smoke which luckily nobody was allergic to, thank goodness.

I have to say it was a blast. I'm so glad I am pushing myself to do things even when I'm nervous or afraid.

You only live once, right?

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