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My Sister's Guitar

When I was in Italy for my music residency, we were all asked to do what I thought was a strange thing at the time.

We were all asked to paint something significant to us emotionally and, we had to show it and talk about it to each other.

I am not accustomed to expressing myself creatively or give artist talks. I'm more comfortable talking about other people and their creative talents and goals as I spend most of my time doing that as part of my job.

I ended up painting this guitar. It's the guitar my sister had as a child; it's forty-six years old now. I have pictures of her holding it and playing it at different ages. She was more of a rock and roll person, but our parents bought us each matching acoustic guitars when we were kids because that was what was popular at the time.

I have no idea why I painted her guitar. It's true; I've been playing it recently as much as I play my sweet little classical guitar. I feel close to my sister when I play it. I had no idea it was so much on my mind until it appeared on my brush.

We were so different; my sister and I. She was Joan Jet to my Kate Bush. I miss her every day. I wish she was still here to see what I'm doing musically; it is what she always wanted, and it is what I have always wanted. I didn't realize it until after she was gone.

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Hey Cathie, beautifully done. Really do love your posts.

Me gusta
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