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Next Music Project: Creating a Unique Cat Synth

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

I've tried some ready-made all-in-one hardware synthesizers on the market for some of my experimental music pieces, and I've built tiny, tiny synths to play with, but my goal has always been to develop and build my own monster modular synth. I have built a slightly larger synth but would like to build something that fills a wall at some point.

I met a brilliant inventor at the Banff Centre who lives in the US. He made his own modular synth, and it was unlike anything I have ever seen. I may hire him to be a consultant on this new experimental music project, so I don't blow up my house and Tony.

With a monster size modular synth, the connection and signal flow is left totally up to me! I want to build something unique and more me; a Cat Synth.

I have been experimenting with different bundles and small synths I've created and here are some of my own music creations in synth:

Nexus Discovers Earth:

Some of my favourite artists have songs that use different synths, and the songs are truly memorable to me. I still get a chill listening to them years later:

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5:

John Carpenter & Alan Howarth' Escape From New York' (1981)

Talking Heads' Burning Down the House' (1983)

Radiohead' Everything in its Right Place' (1999)

Yamaha CS-80:

Vangelis' Blade Runner Blues' (1982)

Klaus Schulze ‘Silent Running’ (1981)

Toto 'Africa' (1982)

Fairlight CMI:

Peter Gabriel' Shock the Monkey' (1982)

Jan Hammer' Miami Vice Theme' (1984)

Kate Bush 'Running Up That Hill' (1985)

PPG Wave:

ABC 'The Look of Love' (1981)

Ultravox' Lament' (1984)

Tangerine Dream 'Poland' (1984)

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